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So when you get enough “friends” on facebook, you’re bound to meet with a few who don’t share your exact views.

Facebook has a recent feature that allows you to see when your friend has commented on one of their friends posts. (To me this makes no sense. If I want to see what your friend posted, I would be friends with them too.)

Recently, a facebook aquiantence of mine commented on a photo from a facebook group called “Occupy Bacon” (Get it?? Because Bacon is so FUNNY you guys!!”).

The photo showed the back view of man squatting down at a grocery store. His shirt has ridden-up to reveal him wearing a leopard print g-string. The “lol cat” font loudly proclaims “MAN CARD REJECTED”.

Recently this whole “bro culture”, glorified by tv-shows like “How I Met Your Mother” and various twitter groups I won’t give the satisfaction of naming, has started to bother me and it wasn’t even due to an over-use of bacon jokes and a re-enforcement of sexism and rape jokes.

For me this picture summed it up.

“Society will no longer consider you a male if you perform an action that goes against a very small and superficial male oriented sub culture”

This is insulting to me for two reasons. One. A sexual kink/dress preference/who gives a fuck, does NOT take away the fact that you are biologically a male only by having the chance of being born with a Y chromosome. (I’ll put my thoughts on transgendered males here in a sec.)

YES. Being a man has nothing to do with how much beer you drink, how many chicks you fuck, and how much bacon you shove into your gaping maw between the domestic-violence jokes you make with your friends over beer and buffalo wings.

You are a man because you have a y chromosome.

This is gonna shock the “bro” culture, but concepts of masculinity are so varied through multiple cultures, both accent and current that to even suggest that a man can no longer be considered a male because of a choice of wardrobe is not only insulting, it’s downright ignorant.

Ignoring the fact that cross-dressing is a common kink/fetish/fun hobby for multiple men (straight men included), to suggest that there’s some sort of “man card”, some sort of law that can revoke ones gender should they do anything that goes against these gender norms is so insulting, I don’t know where to start.

What else will get your “man card” revoked?

Having sex with another man? Dressing in drag for a rush week? Cooking dinner? Changing your child’s diaper?

I haven’t even addressed the transgendered factor here that in our society, we do have men who do -not- have Y-chromosomes and identify as males. These are people who, despite being biologically women, would be MISERABLE if they were forced to live out the rest of their lives as such.

Because they lack that Y chromosome and were born with vaginas are they not entield to the “man card”? I’m sure plenty of those folks have never worn a thong in their entire lives and can drink beer with the best of them. How does this work? Do they need to apply for a man card? Are they eligible for one? Because they are biologically women, do they need a sponsor?

To men, I find the “man card” term the most insulting because it shows so little respect for a man’s own gender. That men would be so eager to kick someone out of their gender for something as ridiculous as wearing a female under garment.

I’m not big into the term “deal breaker” , but for any guy who has used this “man card revoked!” phrase and then gone off to court a woman: if you can’t respect your own gender, how the hell are you going to respect hers?


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