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In spite of leaving Livejournal, I realized that sometimes I still do wanna write about things in my life. Twitter gives me limited use of characters, Facebook confuses my non-nerdy friends and no one gives a shit about what you say on tumblr.

Anyway, I had an interested winter where I drank too much, worked on cosplay and had a few psychotic episodes. I'm realizing that I spend a lot of my time thinking that I have my aspergers under control because I can make eye-contact and not talk non-stop about the life lessons learned in My Little Pony.

But what I'm realizing is that a very common by product of aspergers is anxiety, and this I have not gotten under control, and if anything, I think it's gotten worse for whatever reason. I don't view myself as an unstable or manipulative person, but when I have an anxiety attack, all of these negative traits come out, and I do know that it has hurt and driven away a lot of people I care about.

For their sanity, and mine, it's important that I actually take steps to prevent it, and not just "ok. I'll try not to get upset" The anxiety is not a constant thing, but when it does happen, it's very hard to reel back in. My current goal is to seek out a therapist and with a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and medical marijuana, learn how to deal with my anxiety when it comes around.

Oh, but I did end up going to Australia.

Australia was everything I'd dreamed about since I was a kid and saw Rescuers Down Under. I spent a day in Sydney and a day in Adalaide, but my real trip was a 10 day 4WD trek through the Outback up from South Australia through the Flinders Range and Coober Peddy, up to North Australia around Uluru, Kings Canyon and Alice Springs.

A lot of the Australia desert is very similar to the South West of the United States where I grew up. It's stunning beyond words, and in their summer time, extremely hot.

Yellow Footed Rock Wallabys!

Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby sneaking into our camp and eating our pasta!

Bearded Dragon says "BLEEEHH!!! I'm the ANGRY LIZARD!!"

Here is more desert.

Sand Monitor! Though here in Australia, they refer to all monitors as 'goannas', unless it's a perentie, and then it's just a perentie.

Despite all of the warnings that a dingo might eat our babies, we only saw a few dingos on the trip and they were all very very shy animals.

This bug is awesome. Like if someone took a bar code and turned it into a bug

I grew up in the desert and live in Los Angeles, so I understand that when it's hot, it's a good idea to drink water. But a lot of Australia's tourists are from Northern and Eastern Europe, so this idea of it getting hotter then 80- I'm sorry 30 confuses them. (for the record, my urine was clear.)

PARTY ROCK IS IN THE HOOOOOUSE TONIIIIIGHT. EVERYBODY JUST HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!! It was too hot to climb on it, and climbing on it pisses the Aboriginal people off, so we just walked around it.

These are the Olgas, or Kata Tjuta are more rocks you can climb around.

This is me climbing around them.

If Uluru was Party Rock. Then I guess Kings Canyon is the Dub Steps.

This little perentie is shuffelin'.


Don't stand on the edge when you are taking a picture. you will fall off and die.

Oh hey, I got my macro to work on the camera!

Hopefully, I'll continue writing here about various things, like school and maybe some fandom stuff.


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